Després de la generació feliç

Després de la generació feliç


  • Album Digital

Joan Colomo, Spazzfrica Ehd, Sara Fontán, Joan Colomo and Internet 2 – four talented, versatile and driven musicians – are the creators and interpreters of this frenetic and timeless compilation based on revisions of popular and unpublished songs.

The special selection of music that forms the soundtrack of this project is made up of pieces of popular music: A los árboles altos, Els nens perduts pel bosc, De tu cama a la mía, Jo tenia un gall, La viudita, Tot a la terra and Les nenes maques, among others. The majority of these traditional songs had already been covered and brought close to the public by artists such as Xesco Boix, Grup de Folk, Rosa León and Oriol Martorell.
The adaptations which make up this soundtrack have been passed through the filter of experimentation, free jazz, electronica, rock and pop. Multi-layered, oscillating structures, rhythmic alterations, chains of looped voices, distortion, toy melodies and metallic percussion; an authentic delirium of sound that gives a twist to orthodox convention by connecting traditional songs to avant-garde music.

The soundtrack album is published in a digital format by Sones.